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The WOODMAN 8kw is from our exclusive HomeFlame range of cast iron stoves

Specially designed and unique in Cyprus , the WOODMAN 8kw is a stunning, upper class cast iron stove. A beautiful cast stove finished with solid brass fittings - it has a real air of quality. Superb value for money. You need to see it and touch it in the flesh to truly appreciate it. The WOODMAN 8kw is no lightweight stove.


This stove has the required CE,BSEN data plates on the back. The stove is also over 75% efficient that means HUGE savings on fuel.

The stove is made from thick Australian cast iron allowing the stove to radiate heat for much longer than stoves with thinner castings. The stove is also made entirely from mineral cast iron and not re-melted scrap like many others. This gives the stove much less chance of cracking in the future.

Features: ...Dual brass handle

• Multifuel - burn wood, coal or pea

• Takes 5" / 125mm flue pipe

• Flue exit from top or rear

• Fire brick lined

• Pre-heated Air Wash

• Riddling coal grate

• German heat resistant SCHOTT GLASS

• Matt black finish

• Variable heat controls

* Dimensions HEIGHT=625 mm WIDTH=470 mm DEPTH=390 mm