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WPC Faq's

Q: 1.What is NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber? No.1 

NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber is a virtually maintenance free replacement for hardwood, Concrete or metal material in construction field. This material is truly recyclable and eco friendly. The surface of Wear Well wood-plastic composite lumber looks great of its natural wood appearance with minimal maintenance. We mix the natural fiber (bamboo/wood powder) with HDPE into a strong, moisture-resistant composite, it is engineered to endure harsh weathers abuse of all sorts including rainstorms, rots, salt, sand and heavy traffic. Also Wear Well wood-plastic composite is a permanently colored product that will not splinter, crumble, or eaten by insects.


Q: 2.What is the similarity and differences between antisepticised wood and Sentai wood plastic composite material? No.2 

The similarity is, both antisepticised wood and wood plastic composites are suitable for outside usage, because they will not rotting, cracking or splintering as the untreated wood, however, there are differences as following:
Good quality WPC is more durable than antisepticised wood;
WPC is more eco-friendly, to produce antisepticised wood, people have to cut a lot of trees, while trees especially the hardwood need hundreds of years to grow up, less trees lead to worse environment.
Senati WPC has similar price as good quality antisepticised wood, while when you factor in costs for stains, sealants, replacement boards and other maintenance over the next 10 years and beyond, Sentai WPC comes out well ahead. For specific pricing, please contact Ms. Susan for price and product list.Also, the cost of the antisepticised wood will increase gradually in the future, while composite docking’s components are wood/bamboo fiber and recycled HDPE and other chemical additives, the wood/bamboo fiber is the waste of the hardwood flooring and other furniture’s manufacturer, the more company and people using WPC, the more trees we can save for our globe.


Q: 3.What is the best and most suitable place for wood plastic composite material? Why it performs much better than wood in some field? No.3 

In terms of performance, Sentai WPC does a lot of things that wood just cannot, because of its mixture of High Density Polyethylene and wood, it absorbs virtually no water once wood begins to swell water, it expands and contracts, especially along its width. Cracking, splitting and rotting can follow shortly. Eventually, the cracks and other flaws ruin the structural integrity.


Q: 4.Does Wear NEW SUNTEC -plastic composite lumber cost more than wood ? No.4 

No! When you consider the time you spend selecting quality pieces of wood "preservative treatments" and, etc, and finally fooling with splinters and refinshing, after a few years, you are really saving money and time by purchasing NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber!


Q: 5.What about the installation cost of the composite decking and railing? No.5 

NEW SUNTEC WPC composites decking and railing’s installation is extremely easy and cost saving, because all of the product are made from extrusion machine with moulds. When we were designing the mould, we have already considered the installation; people only need some screws and an electronic drilling machine to finish an outdoor project. If you feel interested, please have a look at our installation guide of the flooring and fencing in our website.


Q: 6.Is NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber really maintenance and paint free? No.6 

Because we can produce any color you want just by changing our formula, the color is all the way through the material, so it does not need paint at all.
These material will not rot, crack, decay, split or splinter because of its inside structure, also it is waterproofing, because its water absorption rate is only 0.2%.


Q: 7.What colors does NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber currently have ? No.7 

Currently we developed 8 colors, they are brick, light dark, brown, dark brown, gray, light gray, light yellow, coffee, actually we can produce this material in any color you want except snow-white.


Q: 8.Will the Sentai wood plastic composite material’s color fade, if it has being used outside under the exposure of the sunlight, moisture, and harsh weather? No.8 

During the first year after it has been installed, the color will become lighter ranged from 5-10% uniformly. After it goes through the 4 seasons of the first year, the color will be stable from then on and will last for at least 15 to 25 years. On the other hand, wood continues to change color (and not always uniformly) throughout its lifetime.


Q: 9. What can I build with NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber ? No.9 

NEW SUNTEC wood-plastic composite lumber is an ideal product for outdoor decking/flooring, Railing, Landscaping, Fencing, Window and Door Trim, Benches, Picnic Tables AND Waste Bins. It is a maintenance free replacement for traditional hardwood, rot-proofing wood, plastic flooring and fencing. The uses are limited only by your imagination.